The ViVio Story

The ViVio Story

Originally created to publish «Acta Humoristica», a humorous magazine aimed at doctors in Belgium and Luxembourg, ViVio first came into being in 1998 on the initiative of two brothers, Philippe Violon, a neurologist, and Laurent Violon, a graduate of Solvay Brussels School.

With the launch of the magazine «Ma Santé» in 1999, ViVio rapidly became one of Belgium’s leading players in health publishing for the general public.

Since 2001, ViVio has been specialising in the development of «custom publishing» in the field of health and, within a few years, became the Belgian leader in this market.

In 2003, ViVio began publishing its own guides designed for health professionals and patients. Since its initial participation in the Frankfurt Book fair in 2007, ViVio has gained an international presence alongside the major medical publishers.

The same year, Valérie Mosberg, an entrepreneur in the medical press sector, became ViVio’s third partner. Prior to managing the sales department at Roularta Medica, Valérie Mosberg was also the first person in Belgium to bring mass direct mailing into general use, especially in the medical field, through the creation of the Info Card®.

In 2008, ViVio’s activities expanded into France with the creation of a subsidiary in Paris in 2011.

In 2010, ViVio moved into digital media with the creation of MediPedia, its own internet encyclopaedia of medical conditions. Since then, ViVio has been developing custom-made digital media and web content on health and well-being for numerous clients. And since 2013, ViVio has been publishing its own collections of digital guides designed for patients and healthcare professionals.